Especially in the field of communication I have much to offer: verbal and non-verbal communication, feedback, Rational Effectiveness Training, Leary’s Rose, core qualities, aspects of communication, assertiveness. But also time management, mindfulness, body work and dealing with stress, whereby I regularly use techniques related to martial arts. I have a black belt in Aikido and have also taught this sport. I work both as a trainer and coach with groups, teams, couples and individual persons. I work with good energy, lightness and humour. And I love the principals of Positive Psychology.
As a result of my work experience in many different environments, I have gained a broad experience in working with groups and individuals. I possess an intercultural sensitivity and have an understanding of the differences in cultures.
I am experienced in Training for Trainers, also in the English language, and am able to operate in a course at various levels simultaneously.


I am a registerred mediator. If you cannot solve your dispute together, if you no longer have the opportunaty to really listen to each other and come up with solutions, a mediator can offer support. Support to get communication going again so that you can find out which solution is best for both. My specialization is family / divorce mediation, but also think of me in labor conflicts and neighborly quarrels.